10 Amazing Tourist Destinations in The World

There are so many places for a traveler to visit and experience from white sandy beaches to wild nature in Africa. Whatever your choice is, it is important that you do a research and find out the most popular places that tourists have been visiting this year. You may consider working closely with your tour operator of choice to ensure that you get the most out of your trip. A good tour operator will help you decide on the best destination for you based on your preferences and budget. Here is a list of the top ten tourist destination that you will find useful in your search for a good destination

1- Curacao

Having just recently acquired the state of an autonomous country, Curacao Island ranks at the top most visited tourist destination in the world this year. The most selling point for this island is its vibrant history, great architectural design and Caribbean charm. The other reason that makes this place so popular is that the hotel rooms on the island are affordable and there are many airlines flying to the Island.

2- Iceland

Iceland has not been spared by the financial crisis that has hit every tourist destination in the world. The only downside to this great place is that it has always been more expensive to visit than other destinations. People are now visiting it more mainly because the cost has dropped due to the financial crush so if you have always wanted to visit then this is probably the best time to do so.

3- Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn has fast become one of the most sort after tourist destination in the Gulf of Finland. A Medieval town, Tallinn is very well preserved making it a very vibrant city to visit. Small as the city may be, it has made very big cultural accomplishments and even been designated as a European Capital of Culture. It boasts of an Estonian spirit, several cities that one can explore a great nightlife as well as bargain shopping opportunities.

4- New York City, USA

New York City has always been a great tourist destination. It is always a god time to visit New York as it is one of the most vibrant cities in the world. It has several museums and great hotels that have been expanded this year making them relatively affordable.

5- Galapagos Islands

Last year, Galapagos were voted best islands beating Hawaii, Bali and Maldives in the World Best Awards, so it is a place you may consider visiting this year. If you are adventurous and love to explore then these islands are the places you need to check out. You will be able to see huge tortoises, lions, birds and penguins.

6- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Popularly known as the city in the heat, Rio de Janeiro has over the years remained a tourist favorite. You will get to enjoy the famous Samba, the sun, the sea as well as the new Rio de Janeiro which is very posh and sophisticated. This is mainly because the city is being remodeled in readiness for the 2014 world cup as well as the Olympics in 2016.

7- Syria

Syria remains the oldest known settlement on earth that has been continuously inhabited in the history of mankind. One other interesting fact about Syria is that while prices in other tourist destinations have continued to rise over the years, prices here have remained ridiculously low making it even more popular. This together with its great hospitality and awesome cuisine makes it a place worth visiting, so go ahead and explore Syria this year.

8- Thailand

If you are looking for an affordable place with great food and a fascinating culture then you may want to consider visiting the Thailand. Thailand beach points are one of the most popular places people visit. Specially for honeymoons

9- Machu Picchu, Peru

If you are going to visit Peru then you may want to check Machu Picchu out. You will be treated to warm culture and great food as you enjoy the scenic views here.

10- Egyptian pyramids, Egypt

Egyptian Pyramids are one of the wonders of the World. There are more than 138 pyramids discovered in Egypt and it is one of the best tourist destinations of all kind of people. Giza Pyramids are famous among all Egyptian pyramids and these are largest structures ever built.

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10 Greatest Creations of Nature

When most people think of nature’s greatest creations they think of something beautiful because nature would not great anything ugly, would it? Yes, nature would and does create some ugly things so not all of nature’s greatest creations are beautiful as you will see when you read the top ten. Some are not only ugly but kind of creepy too.Here is the list of nature’s greatest top ten creations.

1- Ants and Termites

These two insects are not closely related but what both have in common is that they live in a social structure with a cast system of workers, breeders, and soldiers. Ants will typically have only one breeder, the queen, while termites will often have an army of breeders. Termites are also the greatest builders. Both of their population is so high and with their civilizations being so evolved, it can be said that both of theses species rule the world. 

2- Mankind

We are one of nature's greatest creations but not the greatest to ever walk the earth.

3- The Crocodile

This is the oldest living predator alive today and has survived unchanged for several million years and is a very lethal killer found in nature. Since the crocodile has hardly evolved at all is just proof that its design is perfect and cannot be improved.

4- Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus

This was a large carnivorous dinosaur and was distinguishable for its large sail that stuck up from its back and its crocodilian jaw. This dinosaur lived in North Africa and stood between fifty two and fifty nine feet and weighted up to ten tons. It is the largest carnivorous dinosaur ever discovered and possible they largest meat eating land animal to have ever lived. The skeleton of this dinosaur was discovered in 1912 in an Egyptian desert.

5- Tyrannosaurus Rex

It was also a large carnivorous dinosaur and one of the largest land predators. The name meant tyrannical lizard king giving people the idea that it was a very mean dinosaur and great predator but some now feel this dinosaur was nothing more than a very large scavenger. They lived in what is now western North America. This dinosaur is unique because of their huge skulls, short snouts, and tiny forelimbs.

6- The Terror Birds

This type of dinosaur was a dominant predator in South American for sixty million years and was actually a bird that was ten feet tall and flightless. They hunted the forests and plains of South America shortly after the fall of the dinosaurs and were thought to have evolved from dinosaurs. They also spread into North America. Terror Birds were big, fast, and vicious and were capable of swallowing an average sized dog. It is estimated that some of the larger ones may have been capable of speeds up to thirty miles per hour.

7- Hadrosaurs

These dinosaurs are unique because of their jaw structure which were long and elongated which gave them the nickname of duck billed dinosaurs. They were plant eating dinosaurs and instead of teeth in the front of their jaws they had a flat duck-like bill.

8- The Cockroach

Iit is not the smartest, the most fearsome predator, not the most beautiful creature but it is a survivor. It is believe that these insects are capable of surviving a nuclear war. They can go without oxygen for forty five minutes and survive without food for a month and can eat most anything.

9- Paraceratherium

This is the largest land mammal in history and lived in Asia around twenty million years ago and was twenty five feet tall. This creature was a cross between an elephant and a giraffe and had thickly armored hides.

10- The Malheur National Forest Fungus

It is so large that it has the title of the largest organism on this planet. This fungus is linked underground so this makes it effectively one big mushroom and is so big that it spans two thousand two hundred acres. This unique creation is seen in Oregon.

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Top 10 best Gifts for Girls and Women

Woman always loves gifts. One does not need any reason or occasion to gift them something. Just keep showering your lady with gifts and she will shower her love on you. But as much as the ladies like the gifts, men loathe shopping. Getting something from the market is not their cup of tea. No you do not need to have a head ache while you need to buy her something. We present you with the top ten gifts that your lady will like.

10. A Day at a Spa

Every woman likes to be pampered and adored. So you can gift her complete body massage and other treatments on a spa that will help her unwind and relief her from all the stress. She may not be able to explain but will love you for the gift.

9. Cosmetics

Every woman likes to look beautiful at any time of the day. She can spend hours in front of the mirror nurturing her. You can add to her endeavor by giving her a pack of her favorite cosmetics. To go an extra mile, give her the ones that are not available in your city.

8. Books

Books are known to be a person’s best friend but women are known to love them a little more than men. No offense there. Pick up a book of her favorite author or the one she wanted to read from a long time. A signed copy will get you some more love.

7. Jewelry

This is another quite a favorite. But one requires a lot of courage as their ladies can be really choosy when it comes to jewels. The best way to pick jewelry for her is to observe what she like’s in someone else jewelry.

6. Dinner

Woman likes to spend as much time as they can with their loved ones. You may not be able to find time for her but treat her with a special dinner. You can make all the instructions beforehand. Or you can prepare something for her and surprise her tonight.

5. A Romantic Holiday

Every woman loves to travel and explore new places and destinations. However, shopping still remains their priority even at a new and different place. Take her out this weekend on a romantic trip where only the two of you can spend some quality time together away from your daily responsibilities.

4. Handbag

Woman can shop ten different handbags even if their wardrobe is full of them. They just cannot resist a beautiful one. So just pick up one from her favorite designers. Every time she will use it, she will think about you with a smile on her face.

3. Clothes

Every woman can go gaga about clothes. They can shop clothes for hours and can spend all their money about on them without any regret. They like to keep their wardrobes updates with all the latest fashions in the market. So pick something from her favorite label or to be unique pick something different you would like to see her in.

2. Framed Pictures

Just collect some of hers as well as yours favorite shots of the two of you and your family. Get them printed in black and white and then frame them in black frames. She will definitely go crazy about them.

1. A Personalized Gift

Nothing would excite her more than your love and feelings for her. So, instead of hunting for something in the market for hours, just sit down and make something for her on your own. You can cook for her or could pen down something or make a simple card. Whatever it is, she will cherish it for her entire life.
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10 Most Dangerous Animals inThe World

If animals could speak, they are gonna call us "idiot, get out of our territory". God created so many creatures, the beautiful one. We go on the beauty and cuteness of animals which can take us to grave as there are many dangerous animals in the world but there are some that are more dangerous than others. Here is a list of the top ten most dangerous animals, including insects and reptiles.

1- Mosquito

Although most people know that a mosquito can carry dangerous diseases like Malaria and the West Nile Virus, no one would have predicted that it would the number one dangerous animal/insect. More than two million people loss their lives due to this tiny insect. Many people have lost their lives in those countries where they do carry the parasite that causes malaria.

2- Asian Cobra

Believe it or not but it is not the most venomous snake in the entire world but due to this snake large number of people loss their lives each year due to snake bites. The exact figure is more than fifty thousand. This is also known as Spectacled Cobra, Indian Cobra and black cobra.

3- Australian Box Jellyfish

This jellyfish, also known as a sea wasp, has as many as sixty tentacles. Each of these fifteen foot long tentacles has enough venom in them to kill sixty people.

4- Great White Shark

The Great white shark is also called Great white, White shark etc. It can sense blood in the water from a mile away and when they do, they will often go into a feeding frenzy. Still, fishing white shark will cost you $250,000 or/and six months in prison.

5- African Lion

This animal is a near perfect hunter because it has razor sharp claws and teeth, they hunt in packs, and are powerful and quick.

6- Australian Saltwater Crocodile

This is one of the oldest predators in the world and some consider it a perfect hunter. They can and will lay underwater waiting for that perfect meal for hours. When prey comes near, it will lunge and drag them underwater.

7- Elephant

This may seem like an unlikely one of the top ten dangerous animals but it because of its tusks and sheer size. This combination has killed over five hundred people each year.

8- Polar Bear

This very powerful and big bear is very territorial and if you wander into its path you could lose your head with just one swipe of its gigantic paw.

9- Cape Buffalo

It is on the list because if its defense mechanism, which is charging. These beasts, which can weight up to fifteen hundred pounds, have two horns, and if you get caught in a herd where there could be thousands of them you do not stand much of a chance of survival.

10- Poison Dart Frog

This colorful frog have multiple names such as dart-poison frog, poison frog, poison arrow frog etc. They produce a neurotoxin that is enough to kill ten people.They have bright bodies and are much active in day than other animals.

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Top 10 Intelligent Animals and Species in the World

Over time there have been some pretty smart species on Earth. Some have died out and others still live on. As most already know, man is going to be on the list but at what spot? Are there animals that are smarter than mankind? Here is the list of the top ten smartest species on Earth.You will definitely find this list useful. You are also requested to participate in making this list better via your comments.

1- Humans

Human is one of the amazing creations of nature and Yes! humans are still the number one smartest species on Earth. Why i counted Humans in smart animals ? after all Human is also a social animal, right ?

2- Dolphins

Most of the tricks that they are taught in captivity are actually behavior that they would naturally engage in on their own. They love to race, play, and enjoy life to the fullest extent. They even have their own language that mankind has yet to understand. Like all civilized creatures, the mothers stay with their young into the young reach adolescence providing them with love and guidance.

3- Great Apes

When speaking of great apes this includes chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans. They have physical orientation and brain chemistry similar to humans. NASA at one time used chimpanzees instead of astronauts when there was a dangerous mission. There is one chimpanzee in Japan that can use a computer and gorillas have even been taught sign language. Orangutans live in complex and familial relationships.

4- Elephants

They have the capability to establish long term friendships. They are also able to remember and recognize their friends both elephant and humans years later. They even exhibit the ability to empathize, which is illustrated by their compunction to bury the dead. They have used tools, exist in families, and exhibit problem solving.

5- Parrots

Birds are very smart and are the only animal on this list, except for humans, that can actually hold a conversation. Some know hundreds of words and are capable of retaining some words and using them in response to situations intelligently.

6- Crows

This birds are wily creatures and have been know to take a walnut, fly out into traffic, drop it and wait for a passing car to run over the walnut and crack the nut open. Then they fly down and enjoy the nut. There is a crow called the New Caldedonian Crow that has the ability to use crudely fashioned tools such as knives created from cut grass as it hunts for food.

7- Rats

Although rats are considered nothing more than disease carriers they are one of the most inventive creatures on earth. The reason that scientists prefer to use rats and mice for experiments is that their brains are capable of finding shortcuts and loopholes in mazes.

8- The Pigeon

The pigeon is a very social creature and can tell the difference between other pigeons. They also use their behavior to create responses. They are also capable of going long distances and not forgetting how to get there and back without getting lost.

9- Pigs

When a pig is introduced to a new environment it can become devastating to the native species because they have a high survival ability and are very adaptable to whatever situation they are put in. For example, if you make them live in mud, they will do so but if you give them a clean environment, they will keep their environment clean.

10- Squirrels

Yes, squirrels do look like a rat with a bushy tail but they do have hidden depths that rats and mice do not. They are capable of successfully hunting for food in many intriguing places that most other species would not even consider. They are also capable of planning ahead by having secret food storage places so they are prepared for a long winter when it would be hard to find food.

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10 Diseases Dogs Can Pick Up - Pets and Animals Health Care Tips

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend. One can share their feeling with them and play with them. Dogs are always by your side no matter what. The adorable animals also have feelings just like humans. In the same ways dogs are prone to a number of diseases like humans. The only way to prevent your dogs to pick up such disease is to immunize them. Below we list some of the most common diseases found in dogs. However, there are many but we jot down ten of them.

1- Obesity

Obesity is one of the most common diseases in dogs just like their owners. To prevent your dogs from becoming a bag of fats, do not feed him anything and anytime. You can contact a vet to prepare a diet chart for your dog. Also take him for walks and play with him to keep his weight in check.

2- Rabies

Rabies is a fatal disease for both humans as well as the dogs. The disease is not curable and hydrophobia is one of the most common symptoms of the disease. You must get your dogs vaccinated each year. You will need to send your dog to the rabies center if your dog shows the symptoms.

3- Kennel Cough

Kennel Cough is a contagious disease and is also known as bortadella. The dogs that reside in kennels, boarding houses and shelters usually pick up the disease. The early symptom includes hacking cough along with inflammation of trachea. You can get your dog vaccinated twice a year to prevent your dog from it.

4- Parvovirus (Parvo)

Parvo virus can be found in dogs anywhere across the globe. Puppies are more prone to the disease. The disease is contagious and can affect a healthy dog too. The most common symptoms of the disease include diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite and depression. It is inevitable to get your pet vaccinated against Parvo.

5- Corona virus

The disease shows almost all the symptoms that parvo shows i.e. diarrhea and vomiting. Other than that if your pet shows symptoms like dehydration. Loss of appetite or acts lethargic get it checked immediately. Vaccination is not required in case of corona virus and the treatment includes control over vomiting and diarrhea along with serving enough liquids.

6- Heartworm

The disease is caused by a third agent. The heart, arteries and lungs of dogs are infected by a parasite called heartworm. Hence, the name of the disease. Early signs include reduce energy levels of your dog. The pet will get tired very easily and will act lethargic all day long along with a soft cough. The disease must be treated immediately or else can prove to be fatal.

7- Leptospirosis

The leptospirosis is common disease in dogs as well as humans. It is caused by a bacterium. The signs of the disease include fever, conjunctiva and vomiting. Apart from that it your pet may also suffer from blood clotting disorders, the disease can be prevented through vaccination. Still if your dog picks up the disease it is easily curable through antibiotics.

8- Distemper

It is one of the most dangerous diseases that can affect the well being of your pet. Caused by the distemper virus the survival rate of the disease is very less. The only way to prevent your dog from it is to get him vaccinated. Along with that also get him injected with the necessary boosters.

9- Lyme Disease

One of the most common problems that dog owners face is ticks. Dogs can pick up ticks from anywhere. Lyme disease is caused by specific ticks. Vaccines are advisable but are not necessary. The diseases can be cured with the help of antibiotics.

10- Tetanus

It is the most common disease amongst disease that occurs due to the presence of soil or bacteria in a deep wound. If not treated on time it can lead other infections  and may also be fatal.
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10 Most Dangerous Snakes in the World

Snakes are one of the most terrifying reptiles on Earth. Closely related to lizards, the species are harmful even without arms, legs and even limbs. However, a majority of them are harmless and forms a inevitable part of the nature’s cycle. It is very surprising to see how they have adapted to different environments and hoe many different species have evolved over the period of time. Here is a list of 10 most dangerous snakes in the world.

1- Naja ashei / Giant Spitting Cobra

Cobras are definitely one of the most dreaded snakes. They are known for their venom and some of them are even capable of spitting the deadly poison from several feet. They generally aim for the eyes and the venom is poisonous enough to cause blindness. Naja ashei are found in Kenya and measure up to nine feet in length. They are the most poisonous spitting cobras.

2- Crotalus cerastes

The species of the snake is found in deserts. It is known as sidewinder because they move sideways instead of moving forwards for movement. This reduces their contact with the sand and requires less energy apart from better griping.

3- Erpeton Tentaculatum

The snake species bears two tentacles, as their name suggests, which help them detect threat or more importantly food around. Their diet includes fishes. Their hunting method is also quite unique as they jiggle their tail to direct the fishes towards their mouth.

4- Elapidae

The species of the snake belong to the same family as the cobras. Their beauty does not bring down their deadliness and spend their lives under the sea. Some of them cannot survive on land at all. They extract oxygen with the help of its skin through water itself.

5- Rhabdophis tigrinus

The species is known for its deadly poison. The Rhabdophis tigrinus ssecretes the deadly and toxic substance from the glands situated at the back of its neck. The diet of the snake comprises of poisonous toads that adds to the venom of the snake.

6- Atractaspis

The atractaspis is also known as the mole viper. The snake spends most of its time underground but still marks its presence in the list of the most poisonous snake around. It hardly uses its jaws. It also possesses fangs that help in striking down its prey.

7- Eunectes Murinus / Green Anaconda

Anaconda, the snake species that sends a chill across your spine, with just a thought in your mind. It is one of the largest and heaviest snakes on the planet. The largest snake reported till now lengths up to 16 feet. However, there are stories that have been flying around for years of spotting snakes with length of more than 30 feet. They do not give their prey a chance to escape. They wrap themselves around the prey until they die of suffocation. Finally they swallow them as a whole.

8- Pareas iwasakii

The species is found in Japan and is small in size but with an exceptional large head. They are known for their asymmetrical jaws and have the oddest diet amongst all species. They live only on snails and that too only with clockwise shell. Their jaws make them incapable to live on snails with counterclockwise shells.

9- Scolecophidians

These snakes are also found underground only. Known as blindsnakes, they do not possess poison at all. Their eyes are covered by thin scales and have a tubular body, making them suitable to live a life of a burrower. Their diet comprises of insects like termites and ants.

10- Chrysopelea

This is one of the most different species among all. They are known for their ability to fly. They are capable to flatten their body and can easily glide for a few hundred meters. They can even surpass many of their flying enemies in the sky.

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