Top 10 Intelligent Animals and Species in the World

Over time there have been some pretty smart species on Earth. Some have died out and others still live on. As most already know, man is going to be on the list but at what spot? Are there animals that are smarter than mankind? Here is the list of the top ten smartest species on Earth.You will definitely find this list useful. You are also requested to participate in making this list better via your comments.

1- Humans

Human is one of the amazing creations of nature and Yes! humans are still the number one smartest species on Earth. Why i counted Humans in smart animals ? after all Human is also a social animal, right ?

2- Dolphins

Most of the tricks that they are taught in captivity are actually behavior that they would naturally engage in on their own. They love to race, play, and enjoy life to the fullest extent. They even have their own language that mankind has yet to understand. Like all civilized creatures, the mothers stay with their young into the young reach adolescence providing them with love and guidance.

3- Great Apes

When speaking of great apes this includes chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans. They have physical orientation and brain chemistry similar to humans. NASA at one time used chimpanzees instead of astronauts when there was a dangerous mission. There is one chimpanzee in Japan that can use a computer and gorillas have even been taught sign language. Orangutans live in complex and familial relationships.

4- Elephants

They have the capability to establish long term friendships. They are also able to remember and recognize their friends both elephant and humans years later. They even exhibit the ability to empathize, which is illustrated by their compunction to bury the dead. They have used tools, exist in families, and exhibit problem solving.

5- Parrots

Birds are very smart and are the only animal on this list, except for humans, that can actually hold a conversation. Some know hundreds of words and are capable of retaining some words and using them in response to situations intelligently.

6- Crows

This birds are wily creatures and have been know to take a walnut, fly out into traffic, drop it and wait for a passing car to run over the walnut and crack the nut open. Then they fly down and enjoy the nut. There is a crow called the New Caldedonian Crow that has the ability to use crudely fashioned tools such as knives created from cut grass as it hunts for food.

7- Rats

Although rats are considered nothing more than disease carriers they are one of the most inventive creatures on earth. The reason that scientists prefer to use rats and mice for experiments is that their brains are capable of finding shortcuts and loopholes in mazes.

8- The Pigeon

The pigeon is a very social creature and can tell the difference between other pigeons. They also use their behavior to create responses. They are also capable of going long distances and not forgetting how to get there and back without getting lost.

9- Pigs

When a pig is introduced to a new environment it can become devastating to the native species because they have a high survival ability and are very adaptable to whatever situation they are put in. For example, if you make them live in mud, they will do so but if you give them a clean environment, they will keep their environment clean.

10- Squirrels

Yes, squirrels do look like a rat with a bushy tail but they do have hidden depths that rats and mice do not. They are capable of successfully hunting for food in many intriguing places that most other species would not even consider. They are also capable of planning ahead by having secret food storage places so they are prepared for a long winter when it would be hard to find food.


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