10 Most Dangerous Animals inThe World

If animals could speak, they are gonna call us "idiot, get out of our territory". God created so many creatures, the beautiful one. We go on the beauty and cuteness of animals which can take us to grave as there are many dangerous animals in the world but there are some that are more dangerous than others. Here is a list of the top ten most dangerous animals, including insects and reptiles.

1- Mosquito

Although most people know that a mosquito can carry dangerous diseases like Malaria and the West Nile Virus, no one would have predicted that it would the number one dangerous animal/insect. More than two million people loss their lives due to this tiny insect. Many people have lost their lives in those countries where they do carry the parasite that causes malaria.

2- Asian Cobra

Believe it or not but it is not the most venomous snake in the entire world but due to this snake large number of people loss their lives each year due to snake bites. The exact figure is more than fifty thousand. This is also known as Spectacled Cobra, Indian Cobra and black cobra.

3- Australian Box Jellyfish

This jellyfish, also known as a sea wasp, has as many as sixty tentacles. Each of these fifteen foot long tentacles has enough venom in them to kill sixty people.

4- Great White Shark

The Great white shark is also called Great white, White shark etc. It can sense blood in the water from a mile away and when they do, they will often go into a feeding frenzy. Still, fishing white shark will cost you $250,000 or/and six months in prison.

5- African Lion

This animal is a near perfect hunter because it has razor sharp claws and teeth, they hunt in packs, and are powerful and quick.

6- Australian Saltwater Crocodile

This is one of the oldest predators in the world and some consider it a perfect hunter. They can and will lay underwater waiting for that perfect meal for hours. When prey comes near, it will lunge and drag them underwater.

7- Elephant

This may seem like an unlikely one of the top ten dangerous animals but it because of its tusks and sheer size. This combination has killed over five hundred people each year.

8- Polar Bear

This very powerful and big bear is very territorial and if you wander into its path you could lose your head with just one swipe of its gigantic paw.

9- Cape Buffalo

It is on the list because if its defense mechanism, which is charging. These beasts, which can weight up to fifteen hundred pounds, have two horns, and if you get caught in a herd where there could be thousands of them you do not stand much of a chance of survival.

10- Poison Dart Frog

This colorful frog have multiple names such as dart-poison frog, poison frog, poison arrow frog etc. They produce a neurotoxin that is enough to kill ten people.They have bright bodies and are much active in day than other animals.

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