10 Greatest Creations of Nature

When most people think of nature’s greatest creations they think of something beautiful because nature would not great anything ugly, would it? Yes, nature would and does create some ugly things so not all of nature’s greatest creations are beautiful as you will see when you read the top ten. Some are not only ugly but kind of creepy too.Here is the list of nature’s greatest top ten creations.

1- Ants and Termites

These two insects are not closely related but what both have in common is that they live in a social structure with a cast system of workers, breeders, and soldiers. Ants will typically have only one breeder, the queen, while termites will often have an army of breeders. Termites are also the greatest builders. Both of their population is so high and with their civilizations being so evolved, it can be said that both of theses species rule the world. 

2- Mankind

We are one of nature's greatest creations but not the greatest to ever walk the earth.

3- The Crocodile

This is the oldest living predator alive today and has survived unchanged for several million years and is a very lethal killer found in nature. Since the crocodile has hardly evolved at all is just proof that its design is perfect and cannot be improved.

4- Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus

This was a large carnivorous dinosaur and was distinguishable for its large sail that stuck up from its back and its crocodilian jaw. This dinosaur lived in North Africa and stood between fifty two and fifty nine feet and weighted up to ten tons. It is the largest carnivorous dinosaur ever discovered and possible they largest meat eating land animal to have ever lived. The skeleton of this dinosaur was discovered in 1912 in an Egyptian desert.

5- Tyrannosaurus Rex

It was also a large carnivorous dinosaur and one of the largest land predators. The name meant tyrannical lizard king giving people the idea that it was a very mean dinosaur and great predator but some now feel this dinosaur was nothing more than a very large scavenger. They lived in what is now western North America. This dinosaur is unique because of their huge skulls, short snouts, and tiny forelimbs.

6- The Terror Birds

This type of dinosaur was a dominant predator in South American for sixty million years and was actually a bird that was ten feet tall and flightless. They hunted the forests and plains of South America shortly after the fall of the dinosaurs and were thought to have evolved from dinosaurs. They also spread into North America. Terror Birds were big, fast, and vicious and were capable of swallowing an average sized dog. It is estimated that some of the larger ones may have been capable of speeds up to thirty miles per hour.

7- Hadrosaurs

These dinosaurs are unique because of their jaw structure which were long and elongated which gave them the nickname of duck billed dinosaurs. They were plant eating dinosaurs and instead of teeth in the front of their jaws they had a flat duck-like bill.

8- The Cockroach

Iit is not the smartest, the most fearsome predator, not the most beautiful creature but it is a survivor. It is believe that these insects are capable of surviving a nuclear war. They can go without oxygen for forty five minutes and survive without food for a month and can eat most anything.

9- Paraceratherium

This is the largest land mammal in history and lived in Asia around twenty million years ago and was twenty five feet tall. This creature was a cross between an elephant and a giraffe and had thickly armored hides.

10- The Malheur National Forest Fungus

It is so large that it has the title of the largest organism on this planet. This fungus is linked underground so this makes it effectively one big mushroom and is so big that it spans two thousand two hundred acres. This unique creation is seen in Oregon.

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