Top 10 best Gifts for Girls and Women

Woman always loves gifts. One does not need any reason or occasion to gift them something. Just keep showering your lady with gifts and she will shower her love on you. But as much as the ladies like the gifts, men loathe shopping. Getting something from the market is not their cup of tea. No you do not need to have a head ache while you need to buy her something. We present you with the top ten gifts that your lady will like.

10. A Day at a Spa

Every woman likes to be pampered and adored. So you can gift her complete body massage and other treatments on a spa that will help her unwind and relief her from all the stress. She may not be able to explain but will love you for the gift.

9. Cosmetics

Every woman likes to look beautiful at any time of the day. She can spend hours in front of the mirror nurturing her. You can add to her endeavor by giving her a pack of her favorite cosmetics. To go an extra mile, give her the ones that are not available in your city.

8. Books

Books are known to be a person’s best friend but women are known to love them a little more than men. No offense there. Pick up a book of her favorite author or the one she wanted to read from a long time. A signed copy will get you some more love.

7. Jewelry

This is another quite a favorite. But one requires a lot of courage as their ladies can be really choosy when it comes to jewels. The best way to pick jewelry for her is to observe what she like’s in someone else jewelry.

6. Dinner

Woman likes to spend as much time as they can with their loved ones. You may not be able to find time for her but treat her with a special dinner. You can make all the instructions beforehand. Or you can prepare something for her and surprise her tonight.

5. A Romantic Holiday

Every woman loves to travel and explore new places and destinations. However, shopping still remains their priority even at a new and different place. Take her out this weekend on a romantic trip where only the two of you can spend some quality time together away from your daily responsibilities.

4. Handbag

Woman can shop ten different handbags even if their wardrobe is full of them. They just cannot resist a beautiful one. So just pick up one from her favorite designers. Every time she will use it, she will think about you with a smile on her face.

3. Clothes

Every woman can go gaga about clothes. They can shop clothes for hours and can spend all their money about on them without any regret. They like to keep their wardrobes updates with all the latest fashions in the market. So pick something from her favorite label or to be unique pick something different you would like to see her in.

2. Framed Pictures

Just collect some of hers as well as yours favorite shots of the two of you and your family. Get them printed in black and white and then frame them in black frames. She will definitely go crazy about them.

1. A Personalized Gift

Nothing would excite her more than your love and feelings for her. So, instead of hunting for something in the market for hours, just sit down and make something for her on your own. You can cook for her or could pen down something or make a simple card. Whatever it is, she will cherish it for her entire life.

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