Top 10 Most Weird and Worst Scientific Jobs

The field of science has seen tremendous development in the past few decades. Every minute thing around you includes science. One cannot imagine life without it. Science has always been the first preference of the parents too as a career option for their children. The advancements have introduced many more fields that offer some of the most enticing jobs. However, there lies the other side of the coin too. Just like there are some of the most alluring jobs, there exists a certain jobs people are hardly aware. They are considered to some of the worst jobs ever. Let us have a look at the ten worst jobs that the field has to offer.

10- Becoming an Armpit Detective

The last thing you want to smell when you go near a person is the body odor. Imagine your state if you are asked to smell a number of different people daily. Disgusted. Now imagine smelling their armpits daily. Yes, you read it right. The job of an armpit detective requires smelling the armpit of different people daily to find out the substances responsible for the different odor in every person.

9- Modeling Sneezes

The moment you think the other person might sneeze, you reflexes make you to move away. However, they are few amongst us who wait for such a situation and go as close as possible to the person. Such persons are required to analyze the places from where flu enter the body. He needs the person to cough on his face.

8- Transplanting Feces

This yet another disgusting job the field has to offer. You must have visited the local hospital a couple of times to get your feces transplanted. But hardly, you must have imagined the condition of the person who has to actually perform the job.

7- Becoming a Dinosaur Dung Curator

The moment we hear of dinosaurs, we think either about the Jurassic Park movies or the dangerous creatures roaring and wandering. Do you know there exist a job that requires you to collect the waste of the animal? Yes, there are paleontologists in Arizona that collect the waste and scrutinize it to find about the kind of plants and weather of the time when they actually existed.

6- Ape Urine Collector

Apes are always known for their notorious behavior and the different pranks they might play. The job that you may have not imagined in your wildest dreams require you to go near them and collect a sample of their urine.

5- Collection of Decaying Substance of Dead Marine Creatures

the smell of dead creatures is nauseating and can even make you vomit. There exists a job that requires you to actually find such dead creatures. An Italian university hire people to collect sample of dead oceanic creatures for research. They look like mucus.

4- Slashing whales/dolphins

Dolphins are considered to man’s friend while whale are the largest sea creatures. You must have visited the local fish market and must have seen people cutting different varieties of fishes. What if your job asks you to cut dolphins and whales? Yes, a museum in Santa Barbara hire people to do the job on the dead bodies of creatures found on the shore to analyze the cause of death. It can take even hors to rip the whale apart in just two pieces.

3- Building Human Tissue

hardly any of us know that the dead bodies of humans that lie unclaimed in hospitals or morgues are used to graft new tissues by recycling the old ones. The process is even grosser than the job sounds.

2- Counting Beans

Yes it may sound hilarious but a researcher in Indiana counted beans of his soya bean pods every month to determine the month with the highest productivity. I think he was unaware about the weighing scale.

1- Predicting the End of the World

Yes, it is a job. We have heard several people debating over the topic and that scared the people. They send their queries to archaeologists who in turn hire people to reply to the people anything that may satisfy them.

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