10 Tips on How to Become Happier

How can I be happy? Why do bad things happen to me? No one can guarantee that you will become happier after reading this topic, but do try to absorb as much of positive energy as you can. You see, happiness is a state of mind. It’s different for different people. Let’s face it, even the same amount of cash handed to two different people may only make one of them happy. People certainly have their different wants and capacities, but the reasons for their sadness are the same.

1- Negativity

As they say: Life is all about choices. Being negative is a choice, just like choosing to be positive. The only problem is that negativity which was previously just a choice now becomes a disease. It can ruin your entire emotional state of mind, and destroy your work ethic.

2- Gratitude

Learning to give back to the community makes you realize that there are people less fortunate than you who are living sub-standard lives every single day without having a choice. Helping the weak will certainly help in being grateful for the facilities and ease that you have.

3- Wording

Your thought process is continuous and real time. If you are unsure on how to, ‘think happy’, you are likely to say something like this to yourself: I want to be happy. This puts the focus on the perception that you are not happy. Change the wording to something positive like, “I want the happiness I already have to expand myself.”

4- Timing

The world does not revolve around your personal time frame, “Time and tide wait for none.” We have to ultimately learn to compensate on our wants vs. timing. There is a time for everything under the sun - I am sure you have heard of that verse from the Bible. Sometimes things are destined to happen, and at other times such things happen whom we could have never dream of.

5- Take Action

Life is certainly not a bed of roses and the sooner you realize it the better. Even psychological and motivational gurus believe that 90% is the effort and 10% is the luck. Chances are no one would want to put their money on a 10 to 1 bet; so shouldn’t you.

6- Clear Picture

“If you fail to plan; you plan to fail.” “Life is a lesson; you’ll learn it when you’re through.” I can go on for hours about living your life for the sake of existing, but it is better if we have a clear perspective on life rather than, “I want to be rich.”

7- Believe The Possibilities

Feel the weight on your shoulders, or rather feel the Power of Right Now. The whole world can turn on a dime, and it certainly does not take you any longer to take action and make your ‘right now’ – if not the whole day – worth living.

8- Feel Happy

They say the most beautiful things in life are free, and so is happiness. It may sound too simple, and I may confess it should not be put as such a “straight forward” thing. In order to transform a perception into reality, you need to work on it throughout your daily activity. Maybe you’ll end up delighted by the results of it, who knows.

9- Other People

Your friends and family bring changes in your self-concept and self-worth. If hanging around certain friends makes you feel miserable than you definitely need change. Hang around people who enjoy life or maybe make you curious about life, they will help you in being less pessimistic.

10- Relax

Worry about what pace you are going, and you’ll end up counting numbers. Occupying one with superficial goals will never make them happy. Sure, there are people who like to be busy all the time, but watching your back all the time is never a good strategy. Rejuvenate your brain so that you get back in the game with juices flowing. Say Amen if you feel a little bit happier now.

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