Top 10 Amazing Facts about Bugs and Insects

Even if they do not want to admit it, people have a fascination with bugs, especially weird bugs and the weirder the better. With the world of the internet it now makes it easier for people to look up weird bugs. There are so many different species that it is hard to make a list of ten of them but it has been done. Each one of these tell just one strange quirk about the insect. You can always go online and read more about each one of these plus the many other bugs and their weird facts. Here are some interesting weird bug facts.

1- Midge Larvae

This is the type of larvae can survive in liquid nitrogen at negative three hundred twenty one degrees Fahrenheit for three days.

2- Termite Queens

This female termite will lay up to thirty thousand eggs each day. They can also live for many years so now you know why there seems to be so many termites.

3- Indian Moon Moths

When this type of moth is looking for a potential mate, from over six miles away they can smell the pheromones of a mate.

4- Termite Mounds

In Africa, the termite mounds there can reach a height of forty feet. The termites that live in these mounds use an intricate system of ventilation shafts in order to control the inside temperature.

5- Sleeping Wasps

There are some wasps that hibernate or just sleep for months but the weird thing is that these type of wasps do it while hanging onto whatever they are sleeping or hibernating on by their teeth.

6- Fly Taste Buds

Most people have noticed that when a fly lands on something they seem to be rubbing their feet together. The reason that they do this is that houseflies can taste with their feet. Yes, they have their taste buds on their feet.

7- Mosquitoes

This insect has been known to cause Malaria and West Nile Virus. As a result of these two diseases, mosquitoes have killed more humans that all the wars in the world added together. They are more likely to bite children, people who wear dark clothes, and blond haired people. They are also more attracted to people who are sweating after exercising or eating bananas because the food is high in potassium.

8- Wasp Hunters

This is a species of wasps which specialize in hunting other predators that are dangerous. These dangerous predators include tarantulas and praying mantids.

9- Ants Marching

It seems that when you never see just one ant. It seems like there is an army of them. If you watch ants outside they are always marching in a line. Of all the animals that fight battles, ants are the only animals besides crows and humans that fight in formation.

10- Grasshopper Ears

Not all grasshoppers and crickets have this weird anomaly but certain ones have their ears on their front legs.

Insects are not only efficient but also compassionate although many people would not agree with this last observation. They might consider them intelligent and ruthless instead. They might also consider them ugly and something to smash or squash. Whatever your thoughts are about bugs, there are good ones and bad ones but each one does have some type of weird fact about them.

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