Why You Should Not Buy iPad - 10 Reasons

Technology is increasing by leaps & bounds. Every day new devices are launched that surprise us by their features. Some of them even contain features that they must have never thought of. When smart rings were launched it brought a new wave in the market. It integrated features of your cell phone & your laptop computer. step ahead of this was tablet PC. The tablets could be used as a secondary laptop computer with the ability to make calls with the same.

Apple also launched its tablet in the market known as the iPad2. The product did have some alluring features but then on a second thought was not worth the cost it was obtainable for. Let us have a glance at the top reasons for not spending your hard earner money on the tablet.

1- Processor
The iPad are made to run on Apple processors. cannot use Intel or any other processors obtainable in the market. The Apple processors are still to match the features provided by others in the market.

2- Camera
The iPad2 overcame of the basic shortcomings of an iPad, the shortage of camera. It contains cameras, a front camera for video calls & a rear camera to click your pics. But the quality of both the cameras is unsatisfactory. Thinking about the advancements in digital camera market, it is absolutely an insult.

3- Display
The iPad has a bad display with a resolution of 1024x768 pixels. The iPad two was expected to contain a much better and crisper display with a retina screen but then it's the same display with the same resolution as its predecessor. The applications may perform better but are not visually stunning.

4- Lack of 4G
The speed at which expertise is advancing, there is no finish to how much and how lots of devices can buy. The moment you buy, it becomes redundant. Similarly, iPad two is the latest in the market but it still lacks integration of 4G expertise that is round the corner.

6- Lack of outside memory integration
The ipad2 does not contain a USB slot and neither it's a SD card. So you are limited to the memory that comes with the tool. There is no way to extend it.

5- Flash
Flash has become popular in recent times. Lots of sites contain flash content and a number of them are built entirely in flash. However, Apple is still not definite about whether to support flash or not. This limits you to access a few superb flash applications out there. As per Steve Job, there is no point integrating flash as the expertise will die soon. But taking a look at the recent trends, the soon does not appear to coming soon.

7- Battery
The ipad2 offers a battery backup of up to 11 hours. This may appear sufficient but it is actually less compared to other products in the market on the same lines.

8- Design
The ipad2 is slim and sleek but the backside of the tablet has no sheet or rubber plugs that make it a tiny difficult to handle. However, you can now buy a dock as an accessory by spending a tiny more from your pocket.

9- Already have an iPad
In case you already contain then there is no need to spend your money on another. As, ipad2 contains only tiny improvements over the earlier model containing same features.

10- Lack of features
The iPad could be a new idea with a plethora of benefits like it gives you rest from carrying the heavy laptop computer or other things but its feature are limited. The tablet can only be used for watching videos, listening songs, checking emails or reading eBooks. But when it comes to features of a mobile phone cannot even forward a received message. So, in case you need a tablet to entertain you with some basic features, this may be option to think about.

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