Top 10 Social Bookmarking Widgets for bloggers

Social bookmarking provides a plethora of benefits of which are necessary for promotion success whichever your area of business: Fast Indexing, Traffic Generation & Personal Branding.
With Fast Indexing you get the quickest process of having any webpage or web-site visited by the major search indexers which is a must for somebody serious about generating traffic. Submitting your site to any of the popular social bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumble On or a service like Only Wire may finish up in having Google, Yahoo & Bing robots crawl your site within the first 24 hours.Traffic Generation naturally follows the indexing of your site as you'll receive a few hits but since you will even be tagging your posts etc, more traffic comes from the submission to these social bookmarking sites. Your traffic becomes more targeted due to your tags. This in turn can generate return visitors in the event you have a well designed & content rich site or article.

Even the smallest business gains from using Personal Branding. A quantity of the social bookmarking sites even offer a personal page on their server which is kind of an enhanced profile you can use to list your sites or pages, link to those sites or publish content in whatever area you are involved in. This begins your branding of yourself as someone who is established in their market & gives you a better chance with the search engines & Page Rank ratings
Let's also touch on the topic of being friend(ed) by using the social bookmarks. With the usage of a social bookmark on your post or weblog, someone who clicks it may, after reading the article, select to mate you because the topic you wrote about or link you posted matched with their views or inspired them in such a way to need to know more about you or your company. Before you know it, your list of friends on the social networking sites will increase thus bringing more traffic.
So how do you know which social bookmarking Widget is best for you? How do you set up? Can it be personalized to look like my website or weblog? Yes, yes & yes again, but the last yes is dependent on your coding skills. As I mentioned before you'll need to know some CSS to fine-tune the look & feel of the widget, but most of them permit alterations to be completed with minor knowledge of coding.

1. AddThis
2. ShareThis
3. Add To Any
4. Moo Socialize

5. Sexy Bookmarks

6. Socio Fluid
7. Only Wire
8. The Bookmarket
9. Tell a Friend
10. Social List
Social Bookmarking Widgets have completed something designers have been trying to do for years:'de-clutter' a web page. It basically allows a designer to have their tidy stylish design with minimal intrusion to it by grouping these icons in to a tidy tiny widget which usually fits nicely underneath any weblog posting.

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