Top ten Reasons Why Women Cheat on Their Husbands

The reality is that increasingly females are now unfaithful to their husbands than ever before. This does not however mean that more females are now unfaithful than men as men still continue to lead in that line. Females have been known to be more monogamous than men although the trend has changed over the years. While men have always had over woman at a time, females have been known to have sexual partner practically all their lives. There's lots of reasons why a woman would cheat on her husband, here are the top0 reasons.

1- Small sex
Usually a couple spends plenty of time fooling around in the first couple of days but this slowly reduces as duties and children enter the picture. After a couple has children then they get so worked up in the work of the day that all they require to do at night is sleep. Well your woman desires to feel attractive and appreciated so unless you require her to get the attention from somewhere else, make positive you kiss her, cuddle and by all means have lovely sex.

2- The Bad Girl Syndrome
This is the same reason why men cheat on their wives, the desire to be the bad girl. Your spouse probably desires to be the bad girl that they was not in her teenage years and will start to lose weight, get new friends or listen to a different kind of music. 3- Self Esteem Booster
The fact that anyone else other than you loves and appreciates her will ultimately make her feel more pretty and loveable. In case you are not giving her attention and appreciation then they will ultimately find other avenues to feel lovely about herself.
4- As a Gizmo for Revenge
Ladies have a way of recalling all the bad things you have done in the years you have been married. Yu do not necessarily must have been unfaithful to her, it could be anything you did. They desires you to feel the way they did when you hurt her.
6- Lack of Appreciation
A woman naturally has plenty of roles in a household. They is the chef, the house keeper and the babysitter. To be able to do all these, they will require you t treat her right. Do not treat her like your house help but your girlfriend or spouse.

5- Lack of Intimacy
Ladies value intimacy a whole lot. It does not matter how plenty of gifts you buy her, you require to be intimate together with her. For a woman, there is more to intimacy than sex, for her it is in the way you value her input in to the relationship so be positive to spend quality time together with her.

8- Boredom in the Bedroom
Sex, like any other activity becomes uninteresting when done over and over again. In case you are always having sex along with your girlfriend in they same position every now and then, they is bound to get bored.

7- Lack of Emotional Support
Ladies have been known to be emotional beings. The moment they feels like you are emotionally unavailable then they goes out there to look for some emotional attachments elsewhere.

9- A Way Out
Chances are your woman is worn out of the relationship and desires to move on. This is the only way for her out of the relationship and saves her the emotions that come with an actual breakup.

10- You Cheated on Her
They may have said they forgave you for cheating on her but the truth is they will cheat on you to feel they has given you a taste or your own medicine.

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