Top 10 Ways to Kiss Your Partner - Kissing Ideas and Styles

Touching your partner's lips or cheek with together with your lips as a sign of affection or sexual desire is called a kiss. You may have kissed on Lips, Eyes, Hands, Fingers etc of your partner which is lovely way to express your love however did you ever try a new & stunning method to kiss your soul mate? Here are ten fabulous & crazy ways to kiss. Try out these kisses on your love partner; you are guaranteed to learn a new here.

Top 10 Fun Ways to Kiss Your Partner - Kissing Ideas and Styles

1- Kiss By Kiss
Kiss by Kiss is fun technique; this is done at about half the pace you would like it to. Start by kissing on the cheeks in lieu on the lips. Make your way to the lips and without kissing on them; skip to the other cheek. Do this for minute or. Then while switching on the other cheek, start to kiss on the cheek and they are going to be least expecting it.

2- The Lead Up Kiss
This is done when you are sitting behind your girl or boy mate. Start by gently kissing their ear, giving them a hint that you need to kiss them, and then carelessly whisper in to their ear. Ask them in the event that they need to taste your lips or something naughty depending on how frank you guys are. After that lightly suck on their top or bottom lip, finally go for the passionate kiss.

3- The Butterfly Kiss
Get actual close, such that your eyelashes must be touching their eyebrows. By blinking speedy, it will feel like your eye lashes are fluttering with theirs like it were butterfly wings. This comes in handy when you are fooling around or trying to catch your breath from making out. Guys like when you flutter your eyelids against their cheeks and give them a solo butterfly kiss, it�s such a feminine.

4- Tease Kiss
Who does not like to tease while kissing? This adds fun to the passion. Kiss your partner lightly on the lips. Follow it up by a passionate kiss and tease them by not slipping your tongue. When they can't resist no more, give them the satisfaction, but make it actual gentle.

5- The Earlobe Kiss
It is a casual. Do it when out of breath from the more traditional kisses. As the name suggests, nibble their earlobe gently between your lips while either tugging it gently towards yourself or downwards, don't bite it. Add a small bit of tongue or suck on their earlobe, be creative!

6- The Lip Gloss Kiss
Attention girlfriends! Put on a coat of sexy lip gloss and rub your lips across the boyfriend's lips until they are coated. Add flavors and have fun.

8- The Cheek Kiss
Give your lover a actual innocent kiss on the cheek. It is fun when your girlfriend has actual juicy cheeks, as a quantity of the lovable ones do. The Cheek Kiss is practical to do in public as a friendly greeting or a cute small way to say lovely bye.

7- The Eskimo Kiss
This is also fun. rub your nose against your lover's. Do this in combination with the butterfly kiss.

9- The Hickey
A Hickey is a primal way to express love. It's a way of showing, the girl is mine or the boy is mine. It's like putting your stamp on someone. Put your mouth against their neck, leave it a bit open from the middle. Enjoy sucking their skin in to your mouth. In case you are not nice at suction, use your teeth. Try not to cause a scar.

10- The Foolish Kiss
While doing the Butter Fly and The Eskimo Kiss puff up your cheeks and when they try to kiss it, blow the air out, fundamentally making a foolish noise. The Foolish Kiss along with the other naughty ones is fun to do in public.

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