Top 10 Things Girls Must Know About Boys

There some things girls do that don't impress men at all but men choose to keep silent. Men don't require to piss of girls they love so they cannot tell them the things they do that are not appealing to them. In the event you are a girl then this article is your Lucky Lamp which will tell you what are things you must know about Men & Boys for better relationship. Try to follow maximum points to make your Love more stronger & deeper.

1- Makeup
Most men all men don't like make up. Make up makes men irritated because the girls change when they have makeup on them. There face looks more of painted wall with color of different texture not make up. This is not nice because if a girl is confident that they is why add some things on his body?

2- Much Attention
Men detest it much when girls need much attention from the opposite sex. This is seen when girls act in a ridiculous way that is not understood by anyone whether close or need to date the girl. Girls who love much attention from men mostly finish up being embarrassing and cause the men to b insecure. In secure because any man can date this girl anytime no matter the situation. Men detest competition but girls who act strange are liable to

3- Gossiping
I asked girl why it is an addiction to them. They could not answer me but they told me it's not all girls who do it. I am speaking of gossiping. It sucks a lot in fact it is a sin to others. I detest it and am sure lots of men detest it much. But what pleasure do girls get when the gossip about another boy or girl? I guess there is no pleasure at all but they do it for fun. The mournful part about it is that this individuals who gossip do not talk positive things about others.

4- Outward Appearance
Concentrating much on the outward appearance is also another things men do not like in a girl. Girls take much time taking a look at the boys look every day. Men detest it much because some days men will be nice some days it won't be right to them they will finish up being shabby. Although I don't encourage men to be shabby but girls ought to also understand that.

6- Talk About Themselves
Some girls take much time to discuss themselves. You discuss your face your exaggerated large butt, how men like you, how some men detest it when you are together with your man that is not right. Its irritating to men why ought to you discuss others while am here. It brings doubts to your man so don't do it at all.

5- PMS
Girls ought to not take the every month occurrence in their technique for an excuse. PMS are normal so you ought to not seek attention from me using it. It's a natural phenomenal but some girls take it to be an excuse to confront their men insults them and even beat if feasible. Men are human beings and they understand you. They do much but also understand them.

7- Tight Clothes Look Bad
Tight clothes look bad; do not think that men love to see you in your tight clothes. No! They don't its boring to be in. That type of garments looks cheap and shows that you are desperate. Girls that put on such clothes are not only perceived as desperate but cheap to get. A quantity of them are even prostitutes.

8- Be Straight
Be straight your man will love it much. Most guys love girls that are straight, respect is guaranteed to the girls that show some sense of being straight to men only. Men detest lesbians and bisexuals.

9- Concerned much is also not right
Concerned much is also not right. Men tend to detest girls that are concerned about them. Although you ought to show some concern to your man but not much concern to an extend of restricting the man from doing what h e loves.

10- Be A Tiny Romantic, Every time
Try to be romantic whenever your man comes home. Try to treat him lovely because they feasible can be frustrated and stressed because of work load or other issues.

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