Top 10 Best Body Massage Tips for Therapists

Massages are one of the best ways to put off the pressure from your shoulders and imbibe a new energy in your body. It is good to spend some time all by yourself away from all the tensions and stress of the livelihood. Massages have become quite popular in recent times. In fact, some corporate houses are hiring personal massage therapist and give their employees a holiday so their interest keeps going in their work. However, massages are enjoyed to the fullest only when done properly. The therapist needs to be quite skilled. So you must put in your best efforts. Here we list top ten tips to make their experience a wonderful treat.

1. Relax

One comes for a massage to calm down and relax them. So make sure they are comfortable and enjoy what is happening. You can dim the lights and put some music to sooth them. Also ask them put away their mobile phone so that nothing may distract them.

2. Candles

They will not only help the person relax but will also make their experience even more pleasant. When the room is lit by candles all round they will surely feel happy from within. To take it one step further, you can use scented candles.

3. Essential oils

You can use essential oils that have good smell. The smell will relax their mind and body. Take the oil in your hands and put it under their nose for a while so that they can inhale the aroma. Then before applying it on their body, rub both your hands to warm it a little otherwise the person may feel cold.

4. Room temperature

Make sure that the person you are massaging is comfortable in the room and does not feel too cold or too hot. The room should be kept at an optimum temperature. Do not forget to cover the person’s body part that you are not working on with warm towels.

5. Back massage

The person enjoys the massage session the best when you start by massaging the person’s back up and down slowly and gently. Ask the person to lay down on the table or the couch on their stomach. Also provide them pillows if they need. Then slowly start massaging their neck and gradually move to other parts.

6. Different strokes

Variety is the spice of life. Use varying strokes when giving a massage so that the person can enjoy and do not fell monotonous after some time. You can start with up and down strokes on the neck and then back, then you can move on to circular motion. This is very relaxing.

7. Use different speed and pressure

When you are giving a massage, you should vary your speed as well as the pressure you apply after regular intervals. Massage some parts very softly and gently while you can massage some parts firmly. This gives the person getting the massage a soothing experience and also relieves tension from their muscles.

8. Continue the relaxation

You need to relax the person, not only during the massage but after the massage too. Ask the person to sit back for some time and take deep breaths. Do everything possible to calm them. Do not rush them out the room.

9. Offer water

You should offer water to the person. Drinking ample water enhances the effects of the massage and brings a glow on the person’s face. Water also helps in detoxification and removes the toxins released during the massage.

10. Ask them to take a bath

Taking a nice hot water bath after a nice massage is also very relaxing. You can ask your clients to take bath after the massage.

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