10 Most Horrifying Castles in the World

Castles have always captured the imagination of all, because mystery that surrounds them. Often, to attract tourists curious, castles are promoted as frightening places, with a dark history - the prisoners look up at the enemy held in spike and ghosts who walk the halls freely.You will love this list of 10 Most Horrifying Castles in the World.

1. Bran Castle - Romania

Legend has it that the writer Bram Stoker is the one who chose this Castle as Dracula's home. In fact, there are more castles Romania claiming this, but Bran is the first who awarded as "Dracula's Castle", which earned him fame International. Built in 1212, Bran Castle was, according legend, home of Prince Vlad Tepes, announced that drew impaled enemies. Prince was the son of Vlad II Dracul, was characterized by a cruel demon, because its methods to punish enemies, so he chose the Irish writer castle in Transylvania to be setting his novel "Dracula." Although Bram Stoker described the castle in his novel, he attributed another location. Also, according to historical documents, it appears that Vlad Tepes or would not be living here. But it seems that the memory people, legend engraved more than its history.

2. Tamworth Castle - Staffordshire, England

Tamworth Castle fame is closely linked to the two ghosts - Black Lady (Black Lady) and White Lady (Mrs. White), both often seen or heard. About Black Lady, is said to be the spirit of nuns called the afterlife by a group of nuns, angry that they were expelled from a convent nearby. About White Lady is said to be the spirit of a castle which fell on the fortress walls, when he learned that his lover was killed in battle.

3. Berry Pomeroy - Devon, England

Berry Pomeroy and the locals say it is the most haunted castle in England, it has a famous ghost - White Lady (White Lady). This ghost story is quite sad: spirit as the Lady Margaret Pomeroy, who was killed by starvation by his sister, Lady Eleanor. Legend has it that the evil sister was jealous of his sister younger and more beautiful, so he locked her in the castle dungeons, where he lived another 20 years, miles servants. It is said that ghost it is completely white and from top to toe. Often seen in Tower St. Margaret. Everyone who came in contact with it, say they were overwhelmed by negative feelings, anger, depression or fear.

4. Edinburgh Castle – Scotland

Edinburgh Castle is located in one of the most haunted cities in Europe, home of spirits downright interesting. Tourists say you hear a distant sound of drums, though not many people even saw the drummer with their own eyes. It is assumed that the ghost is still a headless drummer, following the attack of invaders long. In Edinburgh Castle there are spirits of animals, which haunt the halls, standing in the cemetery explanation of animals is on the castle. The strange phenomenon that occurs here is St. Elmo fire, saw the high fortress. Foundation old 900 years is built on the remains of an ancient volcano.

5. Bodelwyddan Castle - Wales

In 1829, the then owner of the castle, Sir John Hay Williams, Human bones found near one of the fireplaces. At that the castle was in the process of restoration, but macabre discovery did not stop work. Owner ordered to continue activities, so that the bones were forgotten. Since then, villagers say hear the whispers of ghosts that can see blurred faces, BA even ghosts have been reported with the knight held. However have contributed to the reputation of "the most haunted castle world "in a certain period.

6. Dunluce Castle - Northern Ireland

The castle was built dangerously close to the edge of cliff North Antrim coast. In 1586, there was a huge dispute family of construction, which led to hanging supervisor castle. Since then, his ghost has been seen all, with a purple cape and sensationally caught in tail hair, Walking down the castle corridors. In 1639, the castle was the kitchen crashed into the sea, so all died servants are there time. Today, tourists say they feel the clear air currents cold in parts of the castle, and vendors to shop gift cards say they always move the shelves and radio start one.

7. Castle Moosham - Unternberg, Austria

Moosham Castle is known as the Witches Castle, because of its bloody past. Construction was witnessed deaths of thousands of young women accused of witchcraft, tortured and killed. They were tortured in gruesome torture chambers, the located in the depths of the castle dungeons. The death of so many young represented the most bloody witchcraft trial of Austria.

8. Predjama Castle - Slovenia

Dating from 1274, has been troubled Predjama. Legend has it that a baron in the fifteenth century, famous for his thefts, ran revenge of a Roman emperor and his family, retired in this castle. When the king discovered the hideout, destroyed throughout the castle, killing those who were inside. Predjama was rebuilt in 1511 but did not last long - was destroyed by a earthquake. For a third time, was rebuilt in 1567 and remained in that form until today.

9. Butrón castle

Its history goes back to century XI, in which a medieval tower was constructed on the old house of Butrón, founded by Gamíniz Captain on century VIII on the Porch of Gatica, on the rocky place of Ganzorri or Gantzurritz. In 19th cent. its primitive medieval form was altered. The Marquess of Torrecilla, Don Narciso de Salabert y Pinedo, last proprietor of the ruins of Butrón, with the rents that produced the small villages to him that had in Bizkaia, it commanded to reconstruct the castle with an exotic style, similar to which in Baviera it raised romantic and unfortunate king Luis de Baviera.

10. Château de Bonaguil

This is a french castle which was constructed in the middle of 13th century between 1959 to 1271 on a rocky spur. This is really amazing castle. In 1860, it was purchased by the commune of Fumel.

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