Top 10 Invented Languages in the world by peoples

Whenever you try to learn a brand spanking new language, you may have always wondered how much time and energy must have spent to actually devise the language. The idea of developing a brand spanking new language may appear strange to you but is innovative. New languages are developed because of lots of reasons like for scientific, cultural and artistic purposes. It help people to perform lots of activities like check their theories or a inventing a brand spanking new to keep secrets etc. they describe below a quantity of the best examples of such inventions.

ten- E-Prime
This language came into being from a philosophical point of view that avoided usage of all forms of the verb to be. The language aimed to make communication clearer.
nine- Enochian
The language was developed by astrologer John Dee & seer Edward Kelley in the 16th century for a series of books. As per the developers it was the same language used by Gods & they said that they were taught the language by aliens.
eight- Laadan
It was developed by a linguistic professor, Dr. Suzette Haden. The language was also based on Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. The language aimed to create words that are not present in English and can help you converse your feelings. The language also contains single words for some particular emotions and situations.
seven- Klingon
The language may not have been spoken worldwide like Esperanto but it surly is the most popular invented language. The language was used by warrior alien race in the Star Trek movies and TV shows. The languages was intentionally made complex with sounds that are not present in human languages. And since it was created for an alien race it contains some unusual words.
six- Esperanto
The language was invented by Ludovik Zamenho, in the 19th century, who was a Polish doctor. They desired to create a language that could be used worldwide & was neutral politically. It is of the most popular international auxiliary languages & is used by over million people worldwide for conversation.
five- Lingua Ignota
The language was invented by Spanish abbess Hildegard of Bingen in the 12th Century. It's to its credits as the first human crafted language. The language was used by Hildegard & fellow nuns to carryover out secret conversations. The language contains only 1000 words containing a majority of medical or religious terms. The words were also used in compositions of Hildegard.
four- Toki Pona
Sapir-Whorf hypothesis states that the way a person thinks is affected a lot by the language he speaks. The language is based on this theory. It is an very simple language with only 123 words. These words are combined to form bigger words. The language may be simple to learn but can be baffling simultaneously to decipher the words. For example, happy is called feel lovely.
three- Newspeak
It was invented by the renowned author by George Orwell in the year 1984 for of his novels. The book√Ę��s plot was to replace English with Newspeak where newspeak narrowed the thought technique. It desired to damage the idea of freedom.
two- Solresol
The language was developed by Francois Sudre in the early nineteenth century. The purpose for the development of the language was to enable faster and simpler communication. It was of the first languages of such type that was accepted and recognized worldwide. The language derives its base from music syllables and might have been basically written as musical notations. can sing the language for communication. However, it is followed by only a few followers today.
one- Quenya
The language was invented by JRR Tolkien in his books called Lord of the rings. The author also wrote tales to generate a historical background for it. The language was a honest hard work by Tolkien to generate something weird and included grammar and phonetics from languages like Latin, Finnish and Greek.

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