Top 10 Foods One can Eat On a Train Journey

Train journey can be annoying & boring when travelling alone. There's not very a few options with to kill time like reading books or magazines, taking a short nap, roaming in the train or chatting to the person next to you. But they can only help for short timeframe. After that you are back to square. So, can munch something to do away with the boredom. Let us look at the top0 best things that will help you out.

Chips is mine personal favourite . They are liked by all and can be present in anyone's bag out on a journey. They are simple to over and tasty to eat. They are usually fried but can find roasted chips in the market. They are available in different flavors also. You can take along different varieties and keep exploring new tastes on your journey.

Grapes grow on deciduous woody vines & the perennial. They have plenty of utilities. They are used in making wines, jelly, jams raisins etc. They can be eaten raw as well. Grapes are very light to eat & are very nourishing. indeed feels fresh & lively after having a few. You may must be a tiny cautious while carrying them but they are worth the care.

3-Fruit Cakes
Fruit cakes are prepared from chopped fruits or dried fruits along with the use of nuts and spices. These are usually milk cakes only that contains fruits . can find lots of varieties and flavors of the cake including mango, pineapple, vanilla, strawberry etc. The cakes are liked by all and you won't even know when you chew all the cakes slices on your journey.

another healthy option is carrots. However I am confused if it is a fruit or a vegetable because it is regarded as both by different people. However, carrots are a great source of vitamin A which is very essential for the body your eyes. over some fresh carrots & start munching them the moment you feel bored.

Cookies are another favourite to chew on your journeys. They are packaged and can be carried for long journeys. Their low cost tag makes all of them the more favourite. Cookies are usually baked so are not so unhealthy. must definitely over them in the event you are travelling with children.

Peanuts are by far the best thing can much. They are appetizing, simple to carryover & not at all costly. can prefer baked peanut or the roasted peanuts as per their liking. Today, peanuts are also available in different flavors.

7-Chewing Gums
Chewing gums are the most popular & known choice for passing your time. can chew it any time even if not on a journey. It keep you busy all throughout your journey. The added advantage is that it acts as excellent exercise for your jaws. What a healthy way to pass time.

8-Chocolate Truffle
Chocolates are loved by people of all ages group. A chocolate truffle is a kind of chocolate confectionery, historicallyin the past made with a chocolate garnished middle coated in chocolate or cocoa powder, usually in a spherical, conical, or twisted shape. This will add freshness to your journey but keep in mind you cannot store it for long.

9-Pop Corns
It is the most common items that is used all over the world. Pop corns are munched all over the place. In movies, on outings or at a party. They are made from corn. They are basically available all over the place & are affordable. Since they are not fried, they are healthy .

Oranges are the healthiest option they could find to place in our list. The vitamin C rich citrus fruit is loved by all. It is very useful as it is very beneficial as well as tasty . can over oranges along or buy them mid-way. imagine yourself eating oranges while taking a look at the pretty landscapes outside the window.

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